FXCBit works all night and all day to develop solutions, improve your platform experience and come up with new features. In some months of continuous operation, our trading volumes have increased considerably. From that, we launched another coin, meeting the many requests of our customers.

HTMLCOIN (HTML), is the name of the next currency to be traded on the FXCBit platform. Entering the same currency as the other currencies, it will also be traded directly in coins (BRL). That is, there will be no need to buy Bitcoin to convert to HTML.


The HTMLCOIN Foundation was created with the intention of encouraging and supporting all communities around the world to join the blockchain economic revolution. We believe that everyone should have equal access to the tools and resources needed to participate in all facets of our technology-based economy. Our mission is not only to provide people with these tools, but also to connect them to the companies that need them. HTMLCOIN is about empowering people and creating opportunities.

HTMLCOIN is one of the most sophisticated hybrid currencies on the market, allowing everyone to develop, exchange, share and transit business with next generation security and satisfaction.

Buying HTML in FXCBit

There is no inconvenient surprises at the time of buying the cryptomeo in the platform, since we maintain the same format of negotiation from the beginning. With thousands of registered customers, we understand that most of them already have enough experience to negotiate with FXCBit without any problems.

However, to facilitate the interaction of our customers in the platform, in addition to the blog and the channels of communication we have created a channel on YouTube with videos tutorials. The contents created allow you to solve some doubts that are still bothering you.

To motivate us to create more and more content and news follow us on YouTube, subscribing to the channel, enjoying and sharing the videos. In addition, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 

Translation from Portuguese to English by Gabriela Maceira
Team FXCBit/André Soares